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Severe weather and emergency closure

In the event of the school needing to be closed due to bad weather, heating problems or other unforeseen circumstances, the decision will be taken by the Headteacher and Governors in talks with Banes Transport. We will update periodically our website and village representatives will also be contacted by the Vice Chair of Governors, and they will try to contact parents in the villages.

The vice chair will contact the following people:

 Simone Wall  Hannah Pope  Gaynor Evans

 Kate Keppel Palmer  Lyndsey Crossing

 Liz Keynes  Emma Bauld

 Jo Fagan

If the weather conditions are very poor and the school has to close details will be on this website. Wendy will also send an email to those of you in google groups and we will use our usual parent contact telephone system.  Please do not phone the school as our phone will be needed to deal with emergencies. Details will also appear on the BANES  school closures website. This website is updated every minute and will have the latest information.