Home work will be handed out on a Friday .

Reading – Please read at home, fill your reading diary and ask an adult to sign your Golden Book record sheet. This needs to be handed in on Thursday morning.

Maths - Please practice your times tables using doodle tables and maths work using doodle maths.

Welcome to River Class 

Summer Term! Welcome to our final term together as River Class! We've had some lovely experiences during the Spring Term with our Explore unit and now we have lots of lovely Art to look forward to in the Summer Term! Please see the Topic Web for the Summer Term below as well as some photos of what we've been up to in the Spring Term.


Have a look at some of the wonderful activities we have been experiencing during our summer term so far! From visiting ducklings and quails, to our brilliant Rugby foundation to Potato Day! We've had so much fun! 




Spring Term: Hello all! Here is our topic web for the spring term! We have lots of new exciting units to explore and geography will be our new line of enquiry. 


PE this year will be on a Tuesday afternoon again so don't forget to come to school wearing your PE kit!

We will let you know when we are off to Chelwood for more forest school adventures!

Here is our topic web for Autumn Term. 
 bn                                                     We had an incredible afternoon at Chelwood. River class worked as a team to build dens, everyone got stuck in collecting branches to build up the walls. One group even made a roof with leaves. We then enjoyed some smores at the campfire.  
This week we had a fantastic day at the Bristol Museum and gallery. We learnt about the daily lives of Ancient Egyptian through studying artefacts. We also had time to explore the rest of the museum and gallery.  .
In our discover class this week, we have analysed images from Ancient Egypt to discover more about their lives. Inspired by our class book, The girl who rowed the ocean, we had a lesson on rope knots that would be used when at sea. River class learnt how to a tie a figure of eight, reef knot and even attempted the tricky bowline knot.
                                                                  Class Reminders 

-  P.E will be on Tuesdays . Please ensure you come to school in your kit. This should be a pair of trainers, socks, navy shorts, t-shirt which should be the colour of your house and a navy blue jumper and tracksuit bottoms.  

-Please remember to change your class reading book and check that it has been recorded on the reading book list. 

- Please try to read at least four times a week- this can be to a grown up or if that's not possible just to yourself. Alternatively, a grown up could also read to you! Please record this in the Reading Homework section of your Reading Record.

-Spellings will be updated weekly on Doodle and we will be learning the corresponding rule in class to support this. Please ensure you complete your spelling every week. 

-Please try to get into the green zone of at least two of your Doodle Apps every week. Please request, from Mrs Edgley, if you require your password to be reset.

- Please check Class Dojo for regular pictures and updates about we have been up to in class


 Here are some photos of what we were up to last year...

We had a wonderful time at Chelwood! How lucky we are to have such a beautiful forest school to visit! 

Made our beautiful plants in Science...


We were super busy Celtic Roundhouses, creating our own Celtic Village. Each of us had a different job/role to play and ended the week we got messy in Science. We were investigation the difference between solids, liquids and gases and trying to decide which state shaving foam, cornflour and jelly would fall into. 


Take a look at the fabulous time we had invading The Pig! We have worked so hard learning all about the Celts and the Romans. We had a fantastic time dressing up as Romans, donning the armour that we had made and marching in formation. The Pig rewarded our efforts with a drink and a snack at their huge banquet table. The choice we gave our enemies was : Join us or fight! 










Here we are continuing with our Discover re-enactments. We are reliving the roles of the Celts and the Romans. We also had a go at planning and executing an invasion on opposing tribes. The children had some great ideas about how to attack undetected and thought really hard about how to trick opposing hill forts.





We had a fabulous day recreating our Celtic village for our parents on museum day. We gained a real in-depth knowledge of what exactly the Celts did and how they lived their lives. We loved marching in formation once again, as Romans and created an excellent 'live museum!'