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We hope you all had a wonderful Easter break. Please see below our Topic web for the Summer term! 


Happy 2023 to Stream class! 

Please see below our topic web for the Spring term! 


Welcome back to Stream class! 

We hope you had a lovely summer, please see below our Topic web for this term! 



Our topic this term is 'Pointillism'. 

To view our topic web for term one click here.


A trip to Weston – super – Mare!

We visited the seaside town of Weston to learn about the history and life of the people who live there. We visited the Weston Museum and got to step back in time, we all got dressed up to add ourselves to a portrait. We also has some time on the beach, building sandcastles and playing. It was a lovely day and we were very lucky with the weather!


A visit from the dentist!

Stream Class were visited by the dentist, who reminded us of why it is important to look after our teeth. We had a quiz at the end and had remembered many facts.



Science afternoon – habitats!

Stream Class were lucky enough to have a visit from Amber and her very special animals. We were introduced to Hector the rabbit, Freda the frog, Barry the bearded dragon and Sally the corn snake.  We learnt about the different habitats that these animals live in when in the wild. We were allowed to handle the animals and really enjoyed learning about them!



Awareness of ocean pollution.

As part of our topic, ‘Oceans and Seas’, we have been learning about how badly our oceans can be affected by the poor choices of humans and the impact it can have on the environment. We decided that we would like to make a giant fish and fill it up with plastic; this is a visual representation of how much plastic is harming our oceans today. We made the fish from chicken wire and have been bringing in plastic from home to fill it up.






Museum afternoon…

We wanted to share our learning with our families and were museum tour guides for the afternoon! We guided our guests around our boat, the SS Great Britain and taught them many facts about Bristol, Brunel, sailors and transport. We made information leaflets to share with our guests, which they could take away with them. We finished with a quiz to test our families’ knowledge of our topic!


Engineering at The Pig…

We had a trip to The Pig to help them design something that the gardeners could use when it is raining to collect in their fruits and vegetables. We designed machines with conveyor belts, wind powered machines and machines that not only collected in the produce but also planted new seeds!

The staff at The Pig all loved our designs! 


Science day…

We experimented with different materials to work out which would be best to use to make nose warmers for Santa’s reindeers. We used bottles filled with warm water and wrapped them in a variety of materials, such as tin foil, wrapping paper and tissue. We checked the temperature of the bottles in ten-minute intervals. We recorded our findings in a table and we concluded that tin foil was the best material to use to retain heat.



In music this term we have been learning about the different sections of an orchestra, we created listening maps of music from the Carnival of the Animals by Saint Saens. We listened to and identified the different instruments that were playing and then created soundscapes of our own that used different parts of the orchestra.



We worked incredibly hard on our Nativity this year, learning lines, songs and dances to perform at the village hall for our families. It was a huge success!

 Honky Tonky Donkey



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Well done Stream Class for a great first week back in school! It has been wonderful to see you all getting to know each other and working as a team! We are going to have a fantastic year!

Miss Moore :) 


Here are some photos of our first week back, including a scavenger hunt, making a 'wish for the year' cube and meeting the new reception children!


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Important information:

  • Children must come to school wearing their PE kit. Regular PE sessions for Year 1/2 are: Monday afternoon. 

  • Homework this term has a strong focus on reading / phonics and comprehension skills. You should have received a letter sharing some great ways to extend the use of the book your child is reading from school. Please remember to also tick the sheet at the back of your child's reading record to indicate how many times they have read that week.

  • Children's book bags may not be checked every day, so please remind your child to hand any letters / messages to myself or the office.

  • Reading - Year 1 and Year 2 books will both be changed on a Tuesday and a Friday - due to the current situation we are unable to give out extra books during the week, the letter that has been sent home with further suggestions should extend the use of your child's reading book. 

  • Spellings - every child has a set of spellings that build up to a collection of key words.  Once they can spell all the words in the collection correctly, confidently and independently they will be awarded their spelling badge.

If you have any further questions please come in to see me or send a message on Dojo, Miss Dyke 


The names of any phonics or reading schemes in operation used in Key Stage 1 are:

Read Write Inc 




Useful links to help you support your child’s learning at home:    

Please click each one for PDF files:

‘Listen Up’

‘Top Tips for Talking’ 

The above supports the learning of children of all ages with communication and language skills, listening and understanding and the importance of play and interaction.  


Click here for suggested weekly activities for the week beginning 13.07.20

Click here for information about Fact Friday with Belle.

Click here for a suggested daily timetable. 


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Please click here for a suggestion of craft activities during half term. 

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Online links for home learning:

 All subjects:



Alphablocks interactive games-

Phonics interactive games-


Creative writing -

Spelling games:


White Rose Maths home learning-

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Numberblocks interactive games-

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The Maths Factor-

Times tables-

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Fitness fun-

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Daily PE lesson with Joe Wicks-


Fun virtual trips- This site has access to lots of live webcams across the world e.g. the San Diego Zoo for the children to look at, they could then write or draw things they have seen and learnt.

Cooking- take a chance!-

Other ideas-

Write or send a picture to a local nursing home, brighten their day!