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Year 1/2

Welcome to Murray Class - our topic for this term is Great Explorers.


End of term!

What a wonderful term this has been! I hope you all have a fantastic summer holiday as well as some time to rest. Thank you so much for the thoughtful cards and gifts, they were much appreciated! Miss Moore :)




This morning Murray Class took a trip to Saltford School for the 'Sing As One' festival. We sang lots of songs about maths with four other schools, as well as performing our own song 'Length and Height'. Three teachers from other schools came to tell me how wonderful they thought the children's performance was. Well done for representing Marksbury in such a wonderful way. 


Whole school trip: 

We all had a wonderful day at Dyrham Park, seeing deer and enjoying a special ice cream treat! We also made picture frames and created our own pictures using recycled materials from around the park. The children were all so well behaved, thank you for a lovely day! 


One of the greatest explorers, Neil Armstrong, gave inspiration to our challenge time today. We joined with reception class and we had to create a space zone, using lots of different materials. We used cardboard boxes, paper plates, paper mache, egg cartons, pompoms and of course googly eyes to make aliens, spaceships, the moon and rockets. It was a lot of fun and it ties in with Keynsham library's Summer Reading Challenge- 'Space Chase'. We are hoping that our creation will be going up on display in the windows of Keynsham Library!



As part of our topic day for our new Explorers topic we went out and became explorers ourselves! The fields around Marksbury are so beautiful and we saw lots of exciting things - including hares running in the field! We went on an explorer hunt and learnt about lots of explorers and what part of the world (or space) they explored!




This week was our final week looking at our topic of Africa, we made an African mud hut from clay bricks that we molded.

On Friday in our challenge time we had to try and prove Miss Moore wrong, she claimed you can do the following with any number and you will always end up with the number you started with. 

We worked in groups to try and catch Miss Moore out but could not find a number to disprove her theory!





Procession through the village!

This afternoon we made our way through the village, showcasing our wonderful recycled outfits. Our class theme was 'keeping our oceans clean', we made some happy, beautiful looking fish and some very sad looking fish who were trapped in plastic. We then attached these to a net and carried it through the village. We chanted " Let me hear you scream, keep our oceans clean. Let me hear you shout, keep the plastic out!" as we walked. 



Today we made some African masks, we looked at African tribal prints and face paints to give us inspiration to create our very own mask. 



African patterns.

We have created some wonderful patterns this week in art - they look fantastic up in the classroom!


A trip to Noah's Ark Zoo Farm!

We had a fantastic day visiting all of the animals and we were lucky enough to have our very own workshop where we learnt more about Africa and met some of the animals that are from there! 


A special visitor.

A mysterious suitcase arrived at school this week with some unusual belongings, including sand, termites, a pack of stamps and an umbrella - we soon discovered the suitcase belongs to a meerkat named Sunny! Sunny will be staying with us for a little while and we are going to learn all about his adventures in Africa. 



Today we were introduced to our topic for this term 'Africa', the day started off with a safari tour, we of course had to travel to Africa before finding and learning all about the different animals who live there! We saw: elephants, lions, vultures and many more! After this we had great fun making some Maasai Necklaces and learning about patterns. 

In the afternoon after a 'lioness' yoga session, we then did a 'Fact Find' and learnt lots of information, before trying some banana dipped in honey; a traditional African pudding. 

After a long day of learning and fun we also managed to have some time in our new roleplay corner - with its own jeep! 

Here are some photos of our day.









This afternoon we created some beautiful art work based on our topic of The Great Fire of London. We focused on blending and mixing colours in order to get a sweeping fire effect. We then drew some silhouettes of London and attached them to our paintings. 





Today as part of our art for this term we made our own London Eye- we had great fun making this and it is now hung up in our topic corner!



This week a bit of a mystery has happened in Murray class - our classroom was destroyed by a mystery person. They left fruit all over the floor, chairs upturned and a note stating they had eaten our fruit and some of Miss Moore's lunch! The culprit is still yet to be identified but the children have been writing some fantastic newspaper reports about what happened and who the mystery figure could be!




Today we went to the church for 'Thursday Teas' where we presented some of our learning to parents, grandparents and the local people of Marksbury. The children showed a wealth of knowledge about the Great Fire of London and I was incredibly proud of you all! 




The day began with a visit from Samuel Pepys, who read part of his diary to us and taught us all about the Great Fire of London. We then played a traditional game with him on the playground.


After this we baked some bread as we discovered the fire started in a bakery.


In the afternoon, we learnt what a 'landmark' was and found out some facts about London landmarks on the iPads. We also had some time to play in our new London role-play corner, which consists of a ticket & tourist information office, gift shop and tube station. 



Hope you are all having a wonderful half term break! 

Here are a few photos of our last day of term. We made dairy-free apple and raspberry crumble! We peeled chopped and cooked all of the ingredients in the morning, showing great team-work and turn taking skills. Then we assembled the crumbles and enjoyed them in the afternoon.



Today Murray class had a fantastic morning at Fosseway school. We joined with 5 other schools and sang several songs altogether that we have been learning over the past few weeks. We then had our own special moment where we got to stand up on stage with microphones and perform a song that only we knew. All of the children performed with enthusiasm and it was wonderful to watch! Thank you for representing Murray class and Marksbury School in such a wonderful way.

01.02.19 SNOW DAY- Enjoy the snow and I will see you all on Monday to hear all about your adventures! :)



Once again it has been another jam-packed week for Murray class- who have been working incredibly hard in every subject but especially in English, where we have been writing our own version of 'Handa's Surprise'.

We have also spent some time this week thinking about why it is GREAT to be different. One of the children brought in a wonderful book called 'Dandylion', which we all enjoyed listening to. Another child also went home and made a beautiful book that was all about why it is important that we are all different and explained that the world would be a very boring place if we were all the same! 

Thank you parents for supporting the children's learning at home!



Today we were very busy making delicious pesto pasta! We used basil leaves from our science experiment to make a dairy-free pesto that was very tasty! We carefully chopped all of the ingredients and learnt about water reaching it's 'boiling point'.

Pictures to follow! 



In our English lessons this week we have been looking a 'Handa's Surprise' by Eileen Browne and by Wednesday we were able to read the whole book as a class off by heart- which was a fantastic achievement! We used some great actions and drew some pictures to help us remember the words along the way, here are some photos of us telling the story.

Welcome back!


We have had a busy, fun week in Murray class.

Our new topic for this term is 'Food Around the World' and on Monday we had a tasting session! We tasted three different foods from different parts of the world: naan bread, spring rolls and popcorn! 

Can you tell which food was the children's favourite? 

Thank you year 1/2 for making my first week as your teacher a wonderful one! Miss Moore :)

Visit to THE PIG 

Murray Class were fortunate enough to be invited to THE PIG for some Christmas decorating. A few pictures are below.



These past few weeks, we have had quite a heavy Nativity focus. The children are doing fantastically in remembering their lines, the songs and actions and when to come on and off. Please help your child by going through the songs and their lines at home too.

We are really looking forward to the performances already!



Our last two class challenges have been very successful! One week, the children had to make a bridge over a flood in our classroom ONLY out of newspaper. This proved to be a challenge but the majority of the children found a way!

Another week, we had to create a fishing game. The children had to make a fishing-rod and a board with counters (fish) to catch.

Some pictures of both are below. 

We have had a lovely few weeks with the excitement of Harvest Festival at school. For this, we made cakes and soup and presented some of our research in assembly. 

Below is the winning table from our Phonics word competition on Wednesday (3.10.18).

We are looking forward to the last 3 weeks of the term.

Well, what a great first week we have had! Here is a picture of our happy, smiling class even at the end of our first jam-packed week!

Well, what a brilliant summer it’s been! 

I am looking forward to welcoming the new year 1 into our classroom to join the year 2 children. As usual we have lots of exciting things planned for the new School term - please watch this space for more details.




Important information:

  • Children will need their PE kits in school everyday. Regular PE sessions are: Tuesday morning swimming, and Wednesday afternoon.  In addition to this Year 2 children will have Tai Chi lessons every Monday afternoon. 

  • Year 2 homework will be handed out on Friday and should be handed back in on Wednesday.  The homework will be based around what the children are learning in class that week and should take between 10 and 20 minutes.  The idea is for the year 2 children to get used to the idea of homework before moving into KS2.  It is better for your child to complete a small amount of homework well, for example writing one sentence well, rather than spending too much time on a piece. 

  • Children's book bags may not be checked every day, so please remind your child to hand any letters / messages to their teacher or the office.

  • Reading - Year 1 books will be changed on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Year 2 books will be changed on a Tuesday and Thursday. Year 2 children will take two books home on a Thursday. 

  • Spellings - every child has a set of spellings that build up to a collection of key words.  Once they can spell all the words in the collection correctly, confidently and independently they will be awarded their spelling badge.

If you have any further questions please come in to see us or send a message in the home school diary.   


The names of any phonics or reading schemes in operation used in Key Stage 1 are:

LETTERS AND SOUNDS in R/Y1/2 supported by Jolly Phonics/Oxford Reading Tree and various other schemes.

Please refer to the following videos for information on how to help your child with spellings:

Spellings: Tricky Words

Spellings: Alternative pronunciations

Spellings: Alternative spellings

Spellings: New sounds