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Our two weeks of swimming!

At Marksbury, each class is fortunate to have a two week swimming block at Keynsham Swimming Pool each year. Puddle Class went with their year 5 and 6 buddies in Ocean class and we had an amazing two weeks, full of progress and fun! We all had a wide range of experience when it came to swimming, with some taking weekly lessons outside of school and others who enjoy swimming on holiday, but by the end of the two weeks, we all had a go at swimming the length of the learner pool, got our hair wet and jumped in!

Well done Puddle Class for all you have achieved!

Here are some photos of the fun we had!


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During terms one and two we have been learning about special events that take place during the months of September - December, including, Diwali, Remembrance Day and Christmas. 

For our museum event we created a timeline of our first two terms at Marksbury that went all the way around our classroom, it included quotes from all of the children in Puddle Class who were able to recall what we had learnt, we shared this with our families when they came into school to see what we had all been up to!



Christmas service...


Our Nativity this year was 'Bethlehem Bake Off' and the children worked incredibly hard to put on a fantastic show for our audiences, with many songs and lines to learn, as well as some excellent dance moves!

A frosty Christmas walk...


Exploring Chelwood...














Gallery Term 6

Well done Puddles! You have completed your first year at Marksbury!

Gallery Term 5

Has anyone seen a bear? The children are enjoying their story writing this term.

Planting sweet peas for the EYFS garden.


Science challenge: To make a marble run.

The children worked as a team using cardboard tubes and masking tape. 


Create Topic: Does colour matter?

We compared colour and black & white photos. "You can't see my chocolate button eyes in the black and white photo." "I can't see my lovely blonde hair." "How do you know which school I go to if you can't see the colour of my uniform?"

We painted in the style of Henri Rousseau, Andy Warhol and Kandinsky.

Gallery Term 4

We continued our Explore Topic with a trip to Keynsham.

The trip inspired lots of conversation, questions, role play and small world play. 




Science - The Life Cycle of Animals 






Learning about brass instruments ...



Easter fun!




We will be looking at the months of the year as our topic focus. 


Please click here for our June learning overview 

March /April

Please click here for our March learning overview

January / February

Please click here for our January learning overview 


Please click here for our November learning overview. 


Please click here for our October learning overview.




The children have settled in very quickly to life at Marksbury. They have enjoyed making new friends across the school, meeting the teachers and familiarising themselves with new routines. 

Below are photos of our first week together. 







2020 - 2021


The children had a fabulous time at Chelwood. They visited the woods and collected leaves and foliage to make mini wreaths.


Celebrating Diwali 

The Hindu Festival of Light

After watching videos about the Diwali and how it is celebrated we used playdough, sequins and beads to make Diya lamps and used colourful chalks to decorate the patio in the style of Rangoli patterns. 






Our first school trip to Avon Valley Country Park!

We went to visit the Pumpkin Patch and chose our favourite pumpkin to take home.

We also enjoyed jumping in puddles and saying hello to the animals; especially the reindeer.






The children have been very busy in September getting used to school routines and making new friends. They have thoroughly enjoyed phonics writing and maths. They are especially proud of their perfected correct pencil grip and being able to use a knife and fork correctly. Well done Puddle Class! A super first month at school. 

Harvest sing and sign: The Dingle Dangle Scarecrow


Taking care of our environment

Before tidying and preparing the garden for the winter the children studied the similarities and differences of creatures and their habitats. 

Enjoying numbers outdoors 

Enjoying writing outdoors. 



The children enjoyed picking the fruit and vegetables from the school garden.




Below are photos of our first week at school.

(Week 2 of the school calendar)






March to July 2020

Home Learning 


Useful links to help you support your child’s learning at home:    

Please click each one for PDF files:

‘Listen Up’

‘Top Tips for Talking’ 

The above supports the learning of children of all ages with communication and language skills, listening and understanding and the importance of play and interaction.  


Hello Reception Class, 

I hope you are enjoying learning at home and working through your home school packs. I will update the website weekly, adding activities for you to complete at home. 

Keep busy and safe, from Mrs Cunningham

 Dear Parents, 

Please use the guide in the home school packs and the links below to help support your child's home learning. 

To see the children's home learning videos click below:

22.05.2020 Pirate Day  - click here 

27.04.2020  Bird survey - click here 

24.04.2020  Irish dancing - click here



Click here for suggested weekly activities for the week beginning 13.07.20

Click here for information about Fact Friday with Belle.

Click here for a suggested daily timetable.  


Using your home learning resource pack.

Click here for 'How to make a felt bird'

Click here for cross stitch ideas 



Click here for archived weekly activities 06.07.20

Click here for archived weekly activities 29.06.20

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Links for home learning: 




Alphablocks interactive games- 


Phonics interactive games-







Creative writing -




Spelling games:






Numberblocks interactive games- 


Interactive games-




  Our topics in Reception Class 2019 - 2020

   will be guided by the months of the year.



We welcomed March with a fresh Spring walk through the lanes of Marksbury. We found many signs of Spring, including daffodils, buds and blossom. 


After sharing the story of Mary Anning, the children mentioned that they were interested in fossils and dinosaurs and would like to learn more .........so we made a dinosaur fact book, dinosaur prints and fossils.




Enjoying the Spring sunshine and taking our learning outdoors.  





Happy New Year!

The children were very excited to see their friends again after the Christmas break. They were keen to share their experiences of family celebrations and trips out. 

In Term 3 we will be looking at winter and seasonal changes, animals and humans living in colder climates (comparing Arctic and Antarctic), freezing and thawing, different materials e.g. materials used for clothing. In Literacy we will be reading Traditional Tales and using our knowledge to inform our writing. In maths we will be learning to add and subtract. We will also be learning about Chinese New Year. A busy six weeks!


Art: The children thought about seasonal changes and what winter looks like in different places across the world. They then created a collage in the style of Pieter Bruegel the Elder's painting Hunters in the Snow. 


Lots of fun was had during Challenge Time when the children used their gem powers to work together to make play snow!


Maths - Using counters and a 5 frame the children were introduced to addition. They successfully found the correct totals and were able to record their number sentences using symbols. 

Progressing to a 10 frame ....



Child initiated activities: Making microphones to be used in the singing booth.

The children took full advantage of the sunshine today and took their learning outdoors. They numbered seats, made tickets and put on a show! Rock music, folk music, own compositions and Irish dancing was enjoyed by all. 


Experimenting with gradient and speed ....


The Three Little Pigs. After reading the traditional tale and writing the story the children then built their own houses from bricks, sticks and straw. 



Chinese New Year!

We love to read and write!!!


Warming winter cookery - Patatas Bravas

The children practised using sharp knives to cut potatoes into cubes. They then made a tomato sauce. 




The children worked extremely hard and the Nativity performance was enjoyed by all. 

photos to follow. 



Firework painting 

Music and movement inspired by fireworks


3D shapes - names and properties

Place value 

Learning tricky words and reading ...



Artwork in the style of Paul Klee 


Thursday Teas at St Peter's Church


Light and Dark

Exploring shadows


A visit to The Pig

A huge thank you to the staff at The Pig for their kind invitation to make lanterns and shadow puppets with Reception class. The children had a fabulous time.

We enjoyed hot chocolate, homemade pig biscuits and a story by the fire. 


RE - celebrations and traditions

Preparing a birthday party ...







 Whole school topic: 

Our local area 

Reception class visited Newton St Loe

After listening to residents of Newton St Loe the children drew a map. They used it to find the church, farm, cafe, playground and hidden treasure!!!


Each class prepared a presentation to be given to the whole school in assembly. Reception class made a map, church, piglets, sheep, horses and a tray with cups and saucers to represent their visit to Newton St Loe. 

Map making 

Colour mixing to make paper plate pink piglets.

Junk modelling to make fluffy sheep. 

Building a church!


Role play and writing in the 'Unicorn Castle'. 


Numeracy - making and breaking 5

How many ways can we make 5?


Learning to read 


Counting objects


Our first school trip together. 

Today we spent the afternoon at Avon Valley Country Park. We went on a country walk to spot signs of autumn, fed the animals and chose a pumpkin to take home to our families. We had great fun and the children were delightful company. 




Hedgehogs and hibernation

After watching a video clip about hedgehogs in the autumn we decided to make our garden hedgehog friendly. The children collected leaves and placed them in a dark corner under logs to provide a possible home for hedgehogs over the winter. 



Our community - visiting St.Peter's church.


Leaf week!

Thank you everyone for your help in collecting a huge selection of autumn leaves!

We looked at the different types, shapes, colours and sizes. 


Leaf rubbings 


Making muddy puddles!

Questions asked by the children ...

Where do puddles come from?

How do you make a puddle?

What happens to the puddle when the sun shines?

What happens to the creatures in the puddle?



Today, the children were very interested to explore how leaves could act as a camouflage in woodland areas for foxes and owls.

Can you see the fox and owl?


Leaf creatures

We read the text 'Leaf Man' by Lois Ehlert.

The children then made their own leaf creatures ...





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We have had such an enjoyable first few weeks in Farrah Class and everyone is making friends. Below are a sample of photos. 

Please remember to send in your photo permission slips so that we can add more photos of our learning!


Exploring colour mixing



Blackberry picking


Mark making and writing!





 Den building 


Maths - repeating patterns