COVID 19 Info

COVID-19 operational guidance for schools has been updated in line with national restrictions coming to an end. However, we will continue with measures that reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission and minimise potential disruption to pupils' education. 

Removal of COVID-19 control measures

  • The legal requirement to self-isolate has now been removed.
  • Pupils, staff and other adults should follow guidance on Coronavirus (COVID-19) if they have COVID-19 symptoms.
  • If a child or young person has a positive COVID-19 test result they should try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people for 3 days after the day they took the test, if they can. After 3 days, if they feel well and do not have a high temperature, the risk of passing the infection on to others is much lower. This is because children and young people tend to be infectious to other people for less time than adults.

    Children and young people who usually go to school, college or childcare and who live with someone who has a positive COVID-19 test result should continue to attend as normal.

  • Staff and pupils no longer need to test twice weekly and should follow general asymptomatic testing advice instead.

Ongoing measures

At school, we continue to:

  • ensure good hygiene for everyone
  • maintain appropriate cleaning regimes
  • keep occupied spaces well ventilated
  • follow public health advice on testing, self-isolation and managing confirmed cases of COVID-19

All schools have carried out a comprehensive risk assessment in line with Government Guidance. 

The risk assessments and the procedures related to them will be reviewed regularly and in line with guidance. 

Should you wish to see the risk assessment for your child please contact the school or Trust office who will be able to provide you with a copy.